China’s Faltering Housing Market

After Years of Debt Infused Growth, China’s Housing Bubble Looks to be Popping According to S&P, Chinese property sales have dropped 30% year-over-year, putting them on track to decrease more this year than they did during the 2008 financial crisis.1 After 20 years of high-flying growth, Chinese developers are struggling...

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Is The Housing Boom Coming to an End?

Powered by 13 Years of Easy Monetary Policy and Fiscal Stimulus, America’s Strong Housing Market Looks to be Slowing Down, At Least for Now The average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage jumped to its highest level since 2009 recently, averaging 5.27% for the week ending May 5th.1 This coupled...

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Multifamily Cap Rates Don’t Make Sense

3% and 4% Cap Rates Don’t Add Up in a Rising Interest Rate Environment As the 10-year treasury looks to tick above 3% in the not-so-distant future, cap rates across most property types keep compressing. This is particularly true for multifamily assets. While the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage...

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What the Fed Can Learn From the U.K.’s 1991-92 Recession

A key data point used to measure inflation in the United States rose at its highest pace in over three decades last week.  The core personal consumption expenditures price index, which tracks changes in the cost of goods and services, climbed 3.4% year-over-year in May, its highest reading since...

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The Growth of the Cold Storage Industry

For years investment in the cold storage sector has been overlooked.  This has started to change in recent years, primarily driven by more consumers ordering their groceries online instead buying them in-store.  The Food and Marketing Institute and Nielsen project that groceries ordered online will make-up 13% of total...

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How Blockchain Technology Will Transform Real Estate

Every day on CNBC and Bloomberg there seems to be a heated argument between two pundits debating whether cryptocurrencies are humanity’s greatest breakthrough since the controlled use of fire was pioneered in the early Stone Ages or whether they are the biggest scam since Enron.  There is growing consensus...

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